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John e Yoko
“Love is free, free is love” - A journey into their beautiful love story, singular and unconventional, at times even ostentatious - In the form of song theatre, aims to retrace the central years of their work.
   05 Dic 2023   |     Redazione   |     Airton Cardoso Lana   |     permalink   |      commenti
(English version)

A spetacule by and from Elena Martelli and Martino Iacchetti, directed by Bruna Serina de Almeida and produced by Oltreunpo'Teatro

If you go to the English Wikipedia about John Lennon and search for the word “Ono” you will find about 163 correspondences (even in his own name “John Winston Ono Lennon” after he changed his name in 22 April 1969), and such an important person in John Lennon life, mother of his only child, love of his life, still is characterized as a “villain” to every Beatles fan, since she supposedly caused the end of the band.

And their relationship is the most important aspect of the theatre show “JOHN E YOKO” that is on Teatro Delfino this last weekend. The play is a resume of their history, since the funny starting point in her art gallery until the sadly end by the hands of a fanatic fan, where just to remember, John died with Ono by his side.

There were a lot of highs and lows in their relationship, and the play explore very well them, making some highlights for the great points, like when they met, their marriage, the pacific protests, all of these historic points running along with the most famous songs about John Lennon career on Beatles and beyond, performed by the excellent actor Martino Iacchetti, who was very well characterized as John Lennon. And the actress Elena Martelli was not above him, performed a singular Yoko Ono as we all imagine her by that time.

“Give peace a chance” is a song that Lennon made as an anti-war song during Lennon and Ono's “Bed-in” honeymoon, which we, as audience, helped to performed together after some fun break of the fourth wall with Martino Iacchetti, who knows how to make great and long monologues and how to lead an audience. But this play is more “Give ‘Ono’ a chance” than a documentary of their life, since it is very brave to talk about this very delicate topic, that is Yoko Ono, and more than that, say loud and clear that she is not that monster that everybody tells you she is, she is just like John, a crazy revolutionary of the 70’s that Lennon loved.
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